Q. What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

A. WordPress comes in to varieties: .com and .org.

WordPress.com is free, and is hosted by WordPress itself. Free is good (of course), but this also means that WordPress controls what you can and cannot do with your blog. This, then, limits what features your site can have and how flexible you can be. Unless you are just writing a personal blog with no intention of making money, we do not recommend WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is self-hosted, which means that you are free to install the WordPress software on your own hosting platform (We strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate). Self-hosting means you have complete control over your website. All WordPress training on Writerion.com utilizes WordPress.org.

Q. Will you help me choose a profitable niche?

A. Of course! However, understand that any niche has the potential to be profitable depending on how you market it. What’s more important is choosing a niche that you are passionate about. You will be creating loads of content for your affiliate site, so it is important that you choose something that you will not easily get bored with.

Q. Do I get to choose my theme and can I change it later?

A. Yes and yes. When you are first getting started, we will show you how to pick your first theme. Then, as you get more experienced, you will learn how to change your theme any time you like.

Q. I’m worried that my new site doesn’t look good. Will other people be able to see it before I’m finished building it?

A. Technically, yes. However, with a brand new site that has not been ranked by Google yet will not show in the search results. So, unless you give someone your exact website address (url) yourself, it is highly unlikely anyone will see it for some time.

Q. I’m following the Online Entrepreneur Certification training program, so why does my dashboard looks different than in some of the lessons?

A. Like any successful business, WordPress, Google, Facebook, etc. are all constantly updating their platforms to improve the customer experience. This is to be expected. Many of those changes are small or merely cosmetic. If it looks “out of date”, rest assured it is still there, but you may have to poke around a tad to find it. If anything major changes, we most certainly will create a new lesson with the most up-to-date information.